||5 Tips to Organize a School or University Event

5 Tips to Organize a School or University Event

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Usually, every university has one or two big projects or events to hold in a year. What if it’s your school or university’s turn now to hold one? How do you prepare for it? Don’t freak out! Check out this article and get some great ideas!

1. Committee

First, you need to enlist a group of friends or volunteers to form a committee. Together you decide who will be in charge as chairman, secretary, treasurer, and coordinators, such as event coordinator, documentary, and publication coordinator, stage manager, sponsorship, public relations coordinator, and others.

All coordinators should have good interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to maintain good and professional work with their teammates and also another special skill set required for each position. Make sure you choose the right one!

2. Proposal

Second, create a formal proposal for the event. A good proposal must contain the description of the event and its legality aspect. A signed proposal by your head of the organization‒which can be signed by the headmaster or head of faculty depending on how big the organization is‒informs people that the event is permitted to be held at your school or university.

A good proposal must contain the event’s background information, its benefits and purposes, specific details (name, theme, place, and time), committee structure, and budget estimation.

3. Guest Stars

Guest stars are the most awaited and core highlight for an event! Guest stars are not only singers, actors, or other “stars” you see in the movies, but also inspiring speakers or other special guests that may work as president director, entrepreneur, social worker, or founder of startup, etc who can share their inspirational stories or experiences for the participants to learn.

Of course, you should find guest stars that fit your event and its targeted participants. Unfortunately, not all of them can usually come with free hand. But, no biggie! You can send your sponsorship proposal to their enterprises or institutions and suggest a mutually beneficial collaboration.

4. Sponsorship

How about funding? You can request donations from enterprises or institutions that seem a natural fit with your event by distributing a sponsorship proposal. The key is to show the benefits of them being the sponsors of the event.

You need to capture the attention of event sponsor, you need to cut through the noise with a sense of urgency to make it seem like your event is an exclusive offer and only available for a short time ‒ timing is everything.

A good idea is to hand in your proposal three to six months before the event, and ask your response within two weeks and do it regularly in a period of time. Hand in your sponsorship proposal early in the year between February-April, because many enterprises or institutions usually start arranging their budget estimations during that time.

5. Security and Cleanliness

These two elements are important. Ask your school or university’s security to help watch the event. Last but not least, provide trash bags. It may seem like some kind of unimportant things to do, but when the event is done, there is usually garbage scattered all around. You can still have an enjoyable moment at the event without making the place dirty, right?

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