||International Exposure: Do I Really Need It?

International Exposure: Do I Really Need It?

Penulis: Ayasha Kirana Nusantoro –  Setelah berbagi cerita tentang keikutsertaannya dalam mengikuti summer course dan perlombaan di sejumlah negara, kali ini Ayasha menuliskan sendiri pendapatnya tentang pentingnya memiliki pengalaman di tingkat internasional.

The importance of international exposure might still be an interesting topic to argue about for some people, but others might see it as a gateway to explore new life experience. As we know, new experiences will be acquired by voyaging to uncharted territory, unknown to the crowd, something that will be faced by adventurers and life learners alike. Nevertheless, one question still remains, what is the big deal of gaining this life experience? Is it worth the time and money spent for it? Well, this article is here to tell you several advantage that you can reap from going on an international exposure.

The first and foremost advantage of an international exposure is connection. The world is definitely not small, and we are all interconnected in one, huge global economy. Defying the need of having a larger networking for work advancement is the same as saying you do not need water to continue on living. Both are a false premise.

There are a lot of examples that you might have heard that would explain the need of such connection, one of them is probably about an information that is not accessible for foreigners. Internships in an international organization, for instance. It might only be accessible for a certain group of people, and having an insider inside the group would be beneficial in this scenario. That is why it is necessary to expand your network.

Second of all, international exposure would introduce you to a lot of different cultures. While it might be seen as somewhat unnecessary, in a world where you could contact a person on the other side of the globe in an instant, learning how the society works in that part of the globe will not be a waste of time.

Cases like Starbucks or McDonald’s that could thrive in an international market because their strategy to adopt local taste to their menu are only a small portion of what the power of understanding cultures could do. Thus, it is not an exaggeration to say with confident that understanding culture could open up a whole lot of possibilities.

In the end, this article could only point out the merit of international exposure. The decision of doing one will all bound to be made by a person, and constraint like money and time would definitely be included in making that option. Nevertheless, the author think that the advantages outweigh the costs, and one should at least experienced it before they die.

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